How do video games help kids?

Although video games are awesome and great for people who play, it can be a concern for people around those who play. A lot of gamers may become addicted to the games forgetting other responsibilities in life. In that way, parents become extremely concerned for kids. And yes video games can have a negative impact, but they can also help your kids. We usually focus on the negatives so much that we tend to forget the positives. No doubt, there are games that might be concerning for kids, but there are also great games that can help kids. So here is an article to remind you how video games can help kids:

  • Cognition:

A lot of these video games involve stimulating your mind. You need to think, plan and strategize to win missions and games. Therefore a lot of thinking is involved. In this way, your cognitive skills have to be used, and they can increase by playing more games. It also contributes to honing your critical thinking skills.

  • Shaping your child:

Video games can be a great tool for shaping your child’s behaviour if used in the right way. Video games are loved by all kids so to get time for playing their favourite games they can get motivated to do other things you want them to do. In other words, video games can be used as reinforcements. If you set a proper time for video games and follow it strictly supervising over it, video games will not be harmful. When your child does something good you can reward them with things they like and video games can be a part of that option. This will encourage them to do positive behaviours you reward them with. You can also reduce negative behaviours by taking away video game time when they display negative behaviours. But this should not be done in an angry tone. You always have to explain the reason why so that they also understand why they are being rewarded or why it is being taken away from them.

  • Special kids:

It has been found that video games have helped children with special needs. Two of the best examples are children with Autism and children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Video games have helped children with these two disorders in the aspect of attention. It is difficult to have their attention, but when they are given video games, they can spend a lot of time focusing on it. Video games can also increase motor skills, organisation, cognitive skills and social skills in children with special needs.

  • Fun:

The simplest yet great way in how video games affect your kids positively is that it makes them happy and have fun. Just because they are kids does not mean they cannot be stressed.

As parents, we understand your concern, but as long as you supervise well over what type and how long your kids play, video games can help your kids. Your kids should play in moderation.


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