Top 4 video games of the past decade

The 90s has been termed the golden era for video games. It rightly lives up to its title even though so many new video games have been invented till date. Although they are not on par with the quality of games we play these days, the video games from the 90s will always be classic and great.  The majority of the legendary and great video games you love and that are extremely popular in this current age were created in the 90s or gained popularity in the 90s. The current versions are just updated versions of the 90s video games. So here is a list of great video games that were extremely popular during the 90s:

  • Super Mario:

It would be wrong of anyone not to include Mario in the list of great games. That was how popular Mario was. Anyone who owned a video game console would find themselves playing Mario at one point or the other. It was a game not only enjoyed by kids but also by adults too. There have been many remakes or versions of Super Mario, but we will not mention a specific one as one of the greatest because all the versions were great and worthy to be on the list. From fighting enemies, hitting bricks and saving the princess, it is a classic.

  • Sonic the Hedgehog:

Sonic the Hedgehog also took the world by storm during the 90s. It was released in 1991. It was a challenging game where you had to play as a hedgehog avoiding obstacles and passing stages. It was not easy with Sonic’s speed at every level. Collecting rings and clenching your fists to get through every obstacle was tiring yet fun. The challenge and suspense makers of Sonic the Hedgehog set was on point.

  • Mortal Kombat

When it comes to games related to fighting, Mortal Kombat is a classic game we can never leave out. Released in 1992, it was a game a lot of gamers were addicted to. People could play with their friends, siblings and even parents to fight in battles using their favourite characters. Each character had their own set of skills and players had to get find out which combination of keys did what. It was not just pressing any random button that would help one in fighting. The Certain specific combination of keys would lead to hidden skills.

  • Pokemon Red and Blue:

Pokemon Red and Blue was a game a lot of families had, and even if they did not have the game, the majority of them would know about it. The game was pretty much like the cartoon series where you get to be a Pokemon trainer, capture Pokemon and participate in gym battles. The features and what gamers could do were very much similar to the series. Having a game version of the cartoon series was every child’s dream coming true. They were the first game of the Pokemon series and will always be a legendary classic.


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